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About us

About the African Leadership University

African Leadership University (ALU) is pioneering a fresh approach to higher education in the 21st century; offering accredited undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education programmes in a unique and imaginative way. By integrating students’ learning with the real world, empowering students to take ownership of their own learning, equipping each student to think entrepreneurially, and employing the most engaging and inspiring teaching methods, ALU is pioneering a new take on higher education and leadership development.

About the School of Wildlife Conservation

The School of Wildlife Conservation (SOWC) is the conservation initiative of the African Leadership Group. It was established in 2016 to promote conservation as an African growth sector by developing the next generation of entrepreneurial conservation leaders at all levels, through undergraduate, middle management, and executive programmes. In combining innovative research and leadership talent cultivation, SOWC encourages entrepreneurship within the wildlife economy and provides a platform for young entrepreneurs to incubate their innovative conservation business models. At a macro level, SOWC seeks to influence the sector’s decision-makers to adopt sustainable business models and promote an entrepreneurial business-minded approach in African conservation.

About the SOWC research programme

Our mission is to promote a growing, inclusive, sustainable wildlife economy in Africa

The aim of our research is to gather data and information to illustrate the value of wildlife to economies and through this to encourage investment in this important economic asset. The research process also highlights data gaps and we hope that it stimulates the collection of data related to wildlife economies in order to better understand the vast contribution of wildlife resources to local, national and regional economies.

About developer
  • A student at ALU
  • Name: Samwel Momanyi Maisiba
  • Degree Programme: BSc (Hons) Computer Science
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Bio: My passions revolve around leveraging technological intervention in developing solutions to some of the global challenges the world faces. By immersing my wits in a life-changing learning process, I will be an asset in the driving force towards a better future after completing my undergraduate degree.
  • Quote: Every experience makes you grow. Mine has been quickened by the facilitation my manager Dr. Sue Snyman and Benedicta Amenyo offered along the way. I would hope to continue learning in such an ecosystem while I play my visionary part in impacting others positively, and changing the world around me. Asante sana.
About developer